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My life as a Chihuahua Mom: Day 2

My life as a Chihuahua Mom: Day 2
Going on his maiden car voyage!
Going on his maiden car voyage!

(Update on our Chihuahua trial: We ended up returning him to his first foster mom because the cat didn’t really like him, and managing the heart worm and his exercise restriction was a real challenge in our hectic household. The good news is that he has since found a wonderful forever home with a fellow Chihuahua. Yay!)

I have wanted to have dog for the longest time, but the timing never seemed right. We started looking for a family dog via various rescue organizations in September. Last week we fell in love with a Chihuahua, and he came for a home visit, and now we have him for a two week trial. So far it going well. Our main concern was how he was going to get along with our senior cat. It is not a love fest between those two, but they are co-existing well for the time being. When my cat gets annoyed at the dog’s hyperactivity in the morning, he retreats to his hideaways.

Here are my top 10 pros to life with a Chihuahua that I’ve noticed so far. Albeit, I know this may be a honeymoon phase, and who knows what the next weeks will bring.

1. I’m snacking less often. Having a cute five pound dog stare at you lovingly while you eat, hoping you will drop a few crumbs his away detracts me from the pleasure of emotional eating.

2. I’m exercising a little more. Even though he doesn’t require as much exercise as other breeds, I’m still more active in the house.

3. Everyone in the house is feeling a little happier I think. Studies show that having a dog is good for your heart and can lower blood pressure. I definitely see that.

4. Dogs can lighten up the mood when things go wrong.

5. I really can wait 10 minutes to drink my coffee when I have to. When Mr. Chihuahua wakes up in the morning, he is a ball of energy. When I take him out of the crate, I want to get him out for a quick walk as soon as I can that I can wait for my coffee. This morning it took me five minutes just to get his leash on!

6. I’m a little less grumpier in the morning thanks to my new doggy duties.

7. Doggy kisses help get kids and grown ups out of bed quicker.

8. I’m starting to understand why dog people are so obsessed and crazy about their dogs.

9. I have new things to be neurotic about. I’m trying to take it one day at a time, but I find myself already worried about how we are going to manage our new bundle of energy during the holidays. (Confession: Right after he pooped at Petsmart, I bought him treats and Christmas sweater).

10. I never imagined that we would end up with a Chihuahua dog. I’ve been drawn to lab mixes and beagles, but so far he is proving to be a great low-maintenance cuddle bug.

Here’s hoping he continues to be happy in his new home.


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