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Day Trip to Schroon Lake, NY: Beach, playground & lunch at Pitkin’s

Day Trip to Schroon Lake, NY: Beach, playground & lunch at Pitkin’s
The perfect BLT at Pitkin's Restaurant
The perfect BLT at Pitkin’s Restaurant


The "Watering Tub" near Schroon Lake.
The “Watering Tub” near Schroon Lake.

My family and I went to Schroon Lake for a day trip on a hazy Thursday in the beginning of September. I was surprised to say a “beach closed” sign signaling that there were no lifeguards as it was still technically the summer season. A fellow bather told me that the lifeguards were back in college. (Her theory!) Anyway, the water is very shallow there and we all know how to swim so we just waded around in the haze for an hour or so. The peace and beauty of Lake Schroon blew me away. I’m told when the beach is open, it is more crowded, of course, but definitely worth the hour drive from Saratoga Springs. The water was very clean and we all loved walking on the smooth sand.

After our short dip in the lake, we drove into town for lunch. As soon as I stepped into Pitkin’s and saw a large family huddled over menus, and saw plastic fish hanging on the walls, I knew this was going to be Hudson Valley Good Stuff worthy.

The ambience at Pitkin’s¬†on Main Street reminds me of Sag Harbor, Long Island in the late 1970s. Lunch was delicious, and our server went out of her way to make us comfortable, even when my husband spilt his seltzer all over the table. (I wish I could have blamed the kids for that.)

After our lunch, we drove in search of the natural spring in Lake Schroon called the Watering Tub. It is miles away from the center of town. If you plug in Watering Tub Road into your GPS you will find it (or follow these directions here). Make sure you bring an empty jug with you. In my opinion, this water is even better than the water from the State Steele spring in Saratoga Spa State Park. Afterwards, we treated the kids to ice cream at Crossroads Outdoor store, which also has a beautiful mural which is nice for photo opportunities.

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